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In the '0l days, the late 1980s, when I moved to New York City, you would very rarely hear the word entrepreneur. The ability to earn a living through a variety of creative businesses wasn't encouraged, much less celebrated. Society called us "dilettantes". But suppose you could do many things pretty darn well and liked doing it all?  Where does one fit in? Thankfully, my sensibilities have finally aligned with the times! For years, I was one of those multi-tasking, multiple-sources-of-creative income people in the broad sense of the design field (apparel, footwear, interior design, and real estate staging), and the best part is, none of it ever really felt like work!  Except for all the training and education I've had, which admittedly, felt like boot camp, and the learning curve excruciating at times. It takes patience and guts to press through the "I suck" stage to "wow, I'm getting better"!  I always wanted to contribute and make life a little sweeter for others in everything I do or create. The designer in me has left the public arena, and since 2010, I have focused my time between on-camera and voice-over work. Even in the entertainment industry, I have managed to diversify! My design background has served me well in my work today. It informs me for performance as well as running my business. So if you're kinda like me, just do what you do and eventually, the world will catch up and you'll find your place in it too!

                                                           Best Wishes,